Kimber Ultra Carry II Two-Tone 9mm


Now, we’re taking a close appear at the Kimber Ultra Carry II Two-Tone 1911, chambered in 9mm. I’ve constantly felt that, the 1911 was created for the .45 ACP, so you will have to excuse my bias on this – obtain I’m mastering, so be patient with me. Much more typically than not, I can be “caught” packing a handgun in 9mm these days, so like I mentioned, I’m mastering. I feel!

I get this query all the time, and there actually is not any pat answer I can give to people, but we’ll attempt when once again! “What is your preferred gun?” And, when people use the term “gun” it can imply any quantity of distinctive varieties of “guns” – to contain revolvers, semiauto pistols, shotguns – in any quantity of variations, bolt-action rifles, semiauto rifles, and so forth. I do have as my a single and only firearm, if it ever came down to it, and I could only personal a single handgun, it would be the superior ol’ 1911 in .45 ACP. Nevertheless, these days, I’m leaning away from it for a quantity of causes, far more on this, later.

I got my 1st 1911, a complete-sized Government Model, in .45 ACP for the duration of a trip to go to family members down in Kentucky. For years, I didn’t even comprehend I had family members down there, till my grandmother – who raised me – took me on a train trip to meet these people, and there have been a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins that I never ever knew I had.  Hold in thoughts, that this was lengthy ahead of the Gun Handle Act of 1968, and purchasing firearms across state lines–without paperwork–wasn’t a challenge. It was on my second solo trip down to Kentucky, that a single of my cousins took me to a fellow who purchased and sold firearms. No FFL paperwork was essential at that time. I located a 1911 Government Model in .45 ACP on his table of handguns and did a deal – traded him some thing for it, along with some money. My 1st, but not final 1911, was mine. To this day, I do not know what occurred to that 1911, but its been a lot of years due to the fact then.

For these new to firearms, or to the 1911, just a tiny bit of history on it: It was adopted in 1911 – and was created by John Moses Browning. He is nonetheless a legend, when it comes to lots of of his gun styles. It wasn’t till 1985 that the 1911 was replaced by the US military, with the Beretta Model 92 (M9 in military type). And, to this day, there is nonetheless controversy more than the 9mm replacing the .45 ACP. And, also to this day, there are nonetheless a couple of military units who use the 1911 – largely SpecOps guys. They know a superior factor when they see it. So, the 1911 is nonetheless the longest-serving handgun in US military history. And, we cannot even start to count the quantity of makers turning out 1911s these days – almost certainly a hundred or far more to opt for from. The quantity of variations? Who knows, a single cannot preserve track of this, but its almost certainly secure to say, the 1911 is the most customized handgun in history, bar none!

As I’m quickly approaching my 70th year on this earth – only a couple of far more years to go. So I have located that my each day Kimber Ultra Carry II in 9mmcarry requires have changed. I applied to adore carrying complete-sized handguns, in particular the 1911 in .45 ACP. I was younger and dumber – but I loved carrying the 1911 police duty and for the duration of private safety perform. There was just some thing reassuring about that major old .45 caliber bullet, and the 1911 – they have been created for every single other. I do not really feel the want to carrying complete-sized handguns these days, so I carry some sub-compact and even micro-sized handguns concealed, and I Generally carry a spare magazine, no matter what semi-auto handgun I may possibly be carrying.

We’re told that with today’s modern day JHP and equivalent loads in 9mm, .40 S&ampW and .45 ACP that they are all just about equal when it comes to man stopping. The FBI is supposedly the lead law enforcement agency, when it comes to such factors. Quite a few nearby and state law enforcement agencies have a tendency to copy what ever guns and ammo the FBI utilizes, for a quantity of causes. I’m okay with that, but my feeble thoughts refuses to think that, a 9mm in any configuration is equal to the .45 ACP with JHP or equivalent bullets when it comes down to stopping a terrible gun. I know, I know, the FBI has accomplished scientific investigation on this, and when it comes down to it, there are only a couple of points distinction among the stopping energy of the 9mm, .40 S&ampW and the .45 ACP, when it comes to placing terrible guys down.  We also have to preserve in thoughts that, the FBI has been all more than the board on this, from the .38 Specail to the .357 Mag, to the 9mm, to the 10mm, to the .40 S&ampW and the .45 ACP. And they are now packing 9mm handguns, with jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammo.

Kimber 1911s actually set the 1911 market on their heads, when Kimber came out with a “custom” 1911 correct from the factory. It had lots of of the bells and whistles that we 1911 owners wanted, correct out of the box, like a match-grade barrel, extended single side combat security, and a slightly extended mag release lever. It also had an extended “beaver tail” grip security, and combat hammer, and the ejection port was lowered and flared. They also came with decent combat sights, and it was promoting for about the identical value that lots of other factory typical 1911s have been promoting for, with out all these characteristics that Kimber supplied.

The Ultra Carry II Two-Tone I tested came in 9mm – I got it in a trade at my nearby gun shop some time ago, it just appealed to me, becoming a compact 1911, and chambered in 9mm. You see, I’m mastering to like other calibers in the 1911. Weight of the Ultra Carry II is 25 ounces empty, and the magazine capacity is eight rounds. (This, although most other equivalent sized compact 1911s only hold six or 7 rounds.)  Nevertheless, that additional round or two was good to have. The frame is brushed aluminum, and the slide is carbon steel, extremely polished. The barrel is correct at three-inches and that is as quick as you can go in a 1911. The barrel is match-grade, stainless steel and fitted completely. Sights are low profile combat, simple to choose-up.

Kimber Ultra Carry II in 9mmI liked the attractive Rosewood grips that are partially checkered and partially smooth. They make for a rapid, no snag draw from below clothes. The trigger is match-grade, aluminum, 3-hole, and the trigger pull was correct at four pounds. The hammer is a speed, combat-style hammer, and the key spring housing is checkered plastic. The front strap was left smooth, and I added a strip of friction tape to it – like I do that to most 1911s for a superior hold. The sights are all-black and I added a touch of orange finger nail polish to it, so it was more quickly for my aged eyes to choose up. The gun was applied, but looked “as-new” when I got it. Nevertheless I swapped out the recoil spring for a brand-new a single – just in case the a single in the gun was finding old.

This gun was, when once again, a private buy. I carried it each day for many months, in among carrying other handguns for articles. I applied a Safariland belt slide holster, about as compact as I care to go with a holster, that nonetheless holds the gun snug against my physique. I also carried a spare eight-rd magazines on my off-side. The gun concealed rather effectively, more than the summer time months, with only a button down shirt covering it. I never ever completely button my button down shirts – they are applied un-tucked as a covering garment.

I did my accuracy testing at 25-yards, since I knew this tiny compact 1911 had true prospective. Applying a rolled-up sleeping bag as a rest, more than the hood of my wife’s SUV, I had excellent outcomes. From the good people at Black Hills Ammunition I had a excellent choice of 9mm to run by way of this tiny Kimber. From their HoneyBadger line, I had their 100-gr all-copper +P round as effectively as their 125-gr all-copper subsonic load. Each of these use the all copper bullets that are fluted. Nevertheless, they execute like JHP when it comes to carrying out harm, and a tiny deeper penetration. I also had Black Hills 115-gr JHP +P, 124-gr JHP +P, 115-gr FMJ, 115-gr EXP (Additional Energy) hollow point, and their 115-gr Barnes TAC-XP +P load. In effectively more than 500 rounds of shooting – some just killing rocks and punching paper and other targets of chance, there was not a single malfunction, of any sort.

Very best accuracy was from the Black Hills 124-gr JHP +P load – and it came in correct at three.25-inches if I stayed on my game. I generally shoot many groups with the identical load, to make certain I’m finding the most effective accuracy I can. Some days, I’m off my game, and I’ll return in a day or two, for the accuracy testing component of testing a firearm. The 125-gr HoneyBadger subsonic load came in hot on the heels of the 124-gr JHP +P load, and all the things else was nonetheless below four-inches – preserve in thoughts, this is a three-inch barrel gun, and I was shooting it at 25-yards, more than a rest. Nothing at all to complain about right here, except…

I just couldn’t shake the feeling that, though this Kimber is thought of a “compact” 1911, it is nonetheless as well major for a 9mm compact – in my humble opinion. There are many equivalent compact 1911s on the market place these days, that are basically decreased in sized, compared to the Kimber, and they are chambered in 9mm. When it comes down to it, I guess I’m saying the Kimber is “too big” for the 9mm round. Nevertheless, its not a terrible decision, but I’ll go with a single of the other smaller sized compact 1911s in 9mm. The Kimber is meant for the .45 ACP if you ask me – just my two cents worth. Nevertheless, you cannot go incorrect if you pick this tiny 1911 – even if it is “only” in 9mm – for self-defense.

Now, I’m leaning far more and far more, towards either a Glock 19 or the newer Glock 19X – each in 9mm, as my a single and only handgun – if it came down to that. II’m actually falling for the Glock 19X if that have been the only handgun I could personal, heaven forbid!


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