New to Case Trimming? Here’s Our Major Picks For 2019


Most skilled shooters or really serious hobbyists will reload their ammunition sooner or later. This is a important way to save cash and increase the accuracy of your shot with regularly working with ammunition you are familiar with.

Why cannot you merely reuse a case just after discharge? Due to the malleable consistency of brass loads, combined with the heat and stress upon firing, the brass will stretch just after each and every shot lengthening the case. Trimming a case down to particular sizes is needed to guarantee appropriate match in the chamber and maintain consistency of your ammunition.

Why is consistency so crucial? To place it merely, varying lengths will create unique outcomes when fired. If you opt for to reload your personal ammunition, then there is a excellent opportunity you are not only searching to save cash in the lengthy run but also want reputable ammunition to increase your shooting accuracy.

All this signifies that if you want to discover how to effectively reload your personal ammo, you will need a high quality case trimmer.

Beneath, we break down anything you will need to know prior to shopping for a case trimmer and supply our best suggestions for case trimmers on the industry nowadays.

Understanding Your Requires in a Case Trimmer

Just before shopping for a case trimmer, you really should recognize your personal level of talent and maintain this in thoughts when browsing alternatives. You really should also recognize your desires in a case trimmer and guarantee your model can meet your expectations and ease the procedure.

For instance, if you are new to the hobby you may perhaps want to opt for a tool that is quick to use and can nearly assure precision. Case trimmers that can be fitted to a energy drill may perhaps appear like a handy choice, but you are opening your self up to the danger of imprecise cuts. Tools that are in a position to be fasted to a surface will support reach consistency and precision, limiting the probabilities for user error.

It is also worth thinking of how a lot of unique sizes you intend to produce with your case trimmer. If you are consistently operating with a assortment of sizes, getting a case trimmer with preset calibers can streamline the procedure saving you time. Some higher precision case trimmers have only one particular preset size, which is wonderful for accuracy and consistency if you only shoot that caliber.

If you use a variety of calibers it will most likely finish up costing a lot more to get a tool for each and every size, and if you are into reloading then there’s a excellent opportunity you are searching to save cash in the lengthy run so this would not be the most effective choice for you. Fortunately, a lot of lathe-style case trimmers on the industry nowadays come with a variety of well-known preset alternatives (referred to as pilots) from .22 to .45.

What to Take into consideration When Acquiring a Case Trimmer

The most crucial process a case trimmer need to achieve is a clean reduce. Irregularities in the reduce can lead to troubles with your reloaded ammunition. The more rapidly a case trimmer cuts the brass the cleaner the reduce will be, but speed alone really should not be the only figuring out element when shopping for a case trimmer.

If you are just beginning out in reloading, know that the procedure can be slow going at initial. This will increase along with your level of talent and familiarity with your tool. Numerous of the well-known case trimmers can be fitted with a energy adapter which drastically speeds up the procedure. Even so, we extremely propose becoming familiar with your case trimmer prior to working with a energy adapter. Keep in mind that accuracy, not quantity, is your purpose.

Accessories For Your Case Trimmer

There are a couple of crucial accessories you will will need to effectively reload your ammunition. A micrometer will support you accurately measure your case to guarantee you are trimming to the maximum length. You will also will need a tool to chamfer and deburr, which primarily smooths out the reduce edge and assists get rid of any leftover brass from the cutting procedure. It is also useful to have a guide with the encouraged maximum length for the case size you are operating with, but this information and facts can also very easily be located on-line.

With so a lot of case trimmers on the industry and a variety of shopping for alternatives, figuring out which is most effective for you can appear like attempting to discover a needle in a haystack. Fortunately for you, we have reviewed dozens of case trimmers and offered our best picks for tools obtainable on the industry nowadays.

Right here are our best picks for case trimmers in 2019:

Lyman Universal Trimmer

A favored amongst a lot of beginning out and even seasoned reloaders, the Lyman Universal Trimmer is a classic lathe design and style that can be securely fastened to your bench best or utilized on the table best due to its wide base.

The Lyman Universal Trimmer can be securely fastened to your bench best or utilized on the table best due to its wide base.

The crank deal with tends to make for a smooth trimming procedure and this is a pretty basic trimmer to use in terms of setup. The Lyman Universal Trimmer comes with 9 pilots .22, .24, .27, .30, 9mm, .28/7mm, .35, .44 and .45.

A energy adapter can bought separately to automate the hand cranking technique, but as described earlier, we recommend becoming familiar with your tool initial prior to opting for speed.

One particular criticism of the Lyman is that you need to be confident to securely tighten the set screw or danger your measurements becoming off just after several trims. Make confident to verify your instances just after a couple of trims to guarantee you have tightened your set screw adequately.

Lyman is a trusted brand, generating it one particular of our best picks. For the value point, quick setup and ease of use, this is a strong choice for any avid reloader that will final you for years.

Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer

The Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer is a further trusted name in the ammunition business. Like the Lyman, this is a hand crank technique that can be utilized on a bench best (despite the fact that we extremely recommend mounting this model to guarantee accuracy) and presents a precision reduce. The Hornady also comes with a micro cutter for .001” adjustments, which is generally an add-on tool for other case trimmers on the industry.

The Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer is a hand crank trimming technique that presents a precision reduce.

The Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer is exceptionally precise and constant in its cuts. It comes with 7 pilots .22, 6mm, .270, .7mm, .30, .38 and .45. Notice the 6mm and .38 alternatives which are not obtainable pilots with the Lyman, so this may perhaps be the far better choice for you if you consistently perform with these instances.

It also comes with the choice of adding on a energy adapter. The Hornady Cam Lock Case Trimmer is a sturdy tool that will final for years to come, and at a decrease value point than the Lyman, this is a really serious contender in our list of best case trimmers.

Tiny Crow Gunworks World’s Finest Trimmer

In a departure from the prior two models, the Tiny Crow Gunworks trimmer fits to your energy drill or drill press and primarily turns your drill into a case trimmer for instances. We extremely propose fasting your drill down as holding your drill can lead to imperfections in the reduce and can also be tiring just after a couple of dozen trims. The entire goal of case trimming is to save cash as effectively as increase your accuracy, so taking that further step to fasten your drill will support keep away from any accidental imperfections.

The Tiny Crow Gunworks trimmer is a spending budget friendly choice that can match onto any energy drill or drill press to turn it into a case trimmer.

The Tiny Crow Gunworks Worlds Finest Trimmer is wonderful and pretty spending budget friendly if you are only reloading one particular caliber size as the tool is not adjustable. In spite of its limitations, this is one particular of the quickest case trimmers on the industry and we have been pretty impressed with its accuracy.

Just know that you may perhaps invest a small further time cleaning up and tracking down all the small brass shavings that will be flung all through your workspace.

It is extremely encouraged to put on protective glasses when working with this device.

Every case trimmer comes in at just below $70 per tool, so this is absolutely the most price effective of the encouraged case trimmers only if you are working with it for one particular caliber of ammunition.

Do not overlook that with any device you need to have a micrometer, chamfer and deburring tool to full the case trimming procedure. Verify to see if your tool comes with these accessories, and if not, make confident to choose them up prior to attempting out your new case trimmer.

The Greatest Case Trimmer For You

Every trimmer above presents its personal appeal to different reloaders, and you definitely cannot go incorrect with any of the alternatives. Reloading your ammunition requires time and patience, but the cash you save in the lengthy run coupled with the increase predictability of your shot is the cause why a lot of shooting enthusiast opt for to reload their instances.

No matter the case trimmer you opt for, by going with one particular of the trusted brands above you are making sure that this tool will final for years. In our opinion, you definitely cannot place a value on enhanced shot accuracy and reloading your personal ammunition will support hit that bullseye the subsequent time you hit the variety.


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