Overview: Helinox lightweight transportable Chair One particular and Chair Two


Helinox claim to make the lightest, strongest and most transportable camping chairs in the planet. I can not inform you if this is accurate but I can inform you about the testing of two camping chairs, the Helinox CHAIR One particular and the Helinox CHAIR TWO.

Helinox CHAIR One particular

The Helinox CHAIR One particular is mentioned to be “smaller and lighter than a bottle of wine”. It weighs two.1lbs (953g) and the packed size is 10cm x 10cm by 35cm. It can hold a individual up to 320lbs (145kgs).

  • Price: £89.99
  • See Helinox.
  • Obtain on-line or from outside and camping retailers.

Apparently a complete bottle of wine weighs 1.05kg to 1.65kg so the Chair One particular is lighter than a bottle of wine. But the packed chair does not appear smaller sized than a bottle of wine. It is relatively compact, having said that, and if you are on a automobile-to-campsite trip it will not take up also significantly space in the boot.

A wonderful spot to sit and watch the climbing.

Hubby G and his climber pals have been testing the chair. They enjoyed sitting in the chair when hanging out at a crag in Perthshire.

Their thoughts:

“It packs up compact.”

“It’s far sturdier than it appears.”

“It’s truly simple to assemble. Just shake it out of the bag and it pretty much puts itself with each other.”

“The poles are all in one particular piece so you can not drop any sections.”

“The reinforced pole sockets are wonderful for the reason that it tends to make the chair far more sturdy.”

“The fabric is rapid drying if it gets wet.”

“I’d be pleased carrying he chair in a backpack.”

“It’s a very good piece of kit and extremely handy.”

You can get a “seat warmer“, which is generally an insulated cover, that delivers far more warmth when you sit down.


A taller version of the Chair One particular, the Helinox Chair Two is nonetheless lightweight and sturdy but has far more back and neck assistance. It weighs 1080g and packs to a size of 46cm x 13cm x 12cm. The maximum load is 145kg.

Price: £109.99

See Helinox.

Obtain on-line or from outside and camping retailers.

The climbers mentioned:

  • “Easy to assemble and to pack up.”
  • “Great to have a longer back and a head rest.”
  • “Higher off the ground so it is simpler to get in and out of.”
  • “Also has a sturdy design and style.”
  • “If you are seeking for a it far more comfort when sitting down the added expense and weight may possibly be worth it.”

Also see Helinox UK sales.


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