Sunday GunDay: German Centerfire Rifle with Rimfire Conversion


sauer 202 varmint rifle 22LR

Shoot Rimfire Ammo from your Centerfire Rifle

Wouldn&#8217t it be cool if you could shoot .22 LR rimfire ammo from your typical hunting or tactical rifle? That would be perfect for low-expense instruction appropriate? Effectively, this IS achievable, offered you have a rifle that was developed with a .22 LR conversion in thoughts. A single such firearm is the exceptional Sauer 202 from Germany. This impressive centerfire rifle is accessible with a factory-engineered .22 LR rimfire conversion. Study on to find out how Sauer&#8217s cool .22 LR conversion performs.

Sauer 202 Rifle: .308 Win/six.five&#21555 with .22 LR Conversion
Forum member &#8220Tooms&#8221 sent us a report on his extremely unique Sauer 202 with a .22 LR conversion kit. Sauer 202 rifles function a &#8220Rapid-adjust barrel program&#8221. The barrel is clamped into the receiver with crossbolts giving tension. This enables barrels to be swapped in a handful of minutes with uncomplicated tools.

Tooms, from Denmark, explains: &#8220The rifle started as a Sauer 202 Avantgarde Gold in .308 Win. I have added a six.five&#21555 match barrel, plus a wide flat-bottom match fore-arm with rail for handstop and bipod. The .22 LR program [originally] expense $1000.00 [including] barrel, bolt, magazine properly assembly, and magazine. The barrel is attached by 3 cross-bolts and the magazine properly assembly is attached by 1 screw that fits into the barrel.&#8221

sauer 202 varmint rifle 22LR

sauer 202 varmint rifle 22LR

Working with this &#8220Rapid-adjust program&#8221, Tooms can conveniently eliminate his centerfire barrel and swap in a .22 LR barrel. Then he areas the factory conversion kit into the magazine properly. This kit supplies a rimfire bolt, a fitted sleeve for the rimfire bolt, and a magazine housing. This is a complete Sauer factory-developed program so it performs flawlessly. With the bolt closed, you can see the &#8220new&#8221 .22 LR chamber in the front section of the loading port. On the silver section of the bolt you can see the rimfire extractor on the side.

sauer 202 varmint rifle 22LR

The .22 LR Conversion Actually Functions
The Sauer 202 Varmint rifle shoots extremely properly with the .22 LR conversion, as the 50m target at appropriate shows. Although really costly, the conversion kit basically transforms your centerfire rifle into completely functional, mag-fed precision rimfire rifle. That tends to make the Sauer 202 a great deal far more versatile as a hunting platform. It also enables you to cross-train with affordable ammo. You don&#8217t have to buy a different scope, trigger, or stock. And you love the precise identical stock match and ergonomics irrespective of whether you&#8217re shooting centerfire or rimfire. In some nations exactly where gun ownership is severely restricted, it may perhaps be less complicated, from a legal standpoint, to buy a .22 LR conversion kit than to receive a permit for a second rifle.

The Sauer 202 rifle line-up has been replaced by the Sauer 404 series which has a great deal in widespread. To find out far more about the full line of Sauer rifles take a look at the J.P. Sauer USA site. You&#8217ll also locate far more info on the key J.P. Sauer &#038 Sohn German site, Although out of production, some Sauer 202s are nonetheless for sale at


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