The Finest Ski Socks for 2019: Critiques by Wirecutter


The socks we tested laid out on a table.
Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

Right after comprehensive analysis, we created a list of 25 best-rated ski socks. From that list, we pulled 12 models to test in the field primarily based on the following criteria:

Components: Cotton holds on to moisture and sweat, so it can bring your physique temperature down rapid through cold days. On hot days, your feet could possibly really feel swampy with sweat in cotton socks due to their awful wicking capabilities. That is why we nixed cotton socks for this guide, relying alternatively on merino wool, the sector-common material. Wool is naturally capable to respond to your physique temperature, cooling and warming your feet as required. Wool is also odor resistant, so it’ll retain your feet stink-cost-free if they do sweat.

Bob Gleason of BootDoctors told us, “Socks are a essential element in the match and comfort of a ski boot. The finest socks for skiing are higher in merino wool content material blended with elastic for a smooth, close match. The merino wicks moisture and insulated even when damp. The superior socks are thin and shaped for the heel, instep, and calf. Socks that are optimal for skiing have no ribs. They have smooth surfaces.”

The variety of knit and the thread count play a component in figuring out the strength and durability of a merino wool ski sock. The highest-high quality wool socks we tested had involving 55 and 70 % merino wool (in most of the socks we looked at, the second most prevalent material was nylon). Having said that, we located that our favourite socks have been not necessarily these with greater wool content material. When a sock passed the threshold of 50 % wool, the presence of additional wool didn’t appear to matter. Rather, at that point we located that we cared additional about the assistance and the articulated really feel the socks supplied.

Breathability and wicking: Due to the nature of the sport, ski socks will get a bit wet, from snow and sweat. A sock’s wicking capabilities are determined by how nicely the sock pulls moisture away from the skin. Any sock that traps heat and moisture against your foot is setting you up to be miserable, so we looked for brands that utilized higher-high quality merino wool and had an connected reputation for breathability. We also scanned Amazon critiques for mentions of overly sweaty feet or poor ventilation.

Durability: A superior ski sock really should be worth its weight in gold, holding up to typical use season right after season. I frequently anticipate to get at least 3 to 5 seasons out of my ski socks—they’re additional most likely to get lost in the laundry than to put on via. We looked for socks with critiques that described strong durability. Then, to test this aspect, we wore all of the ski socks in our test group about the property and the ski lodge prior to employing them on the slopes. We also threw them in the wash various occasions to see if they would hold up to a tiny abuse. Some of the socks began pilling, top us to query their durability. Other people looked practically brand-new right after weeks of put on and tear.

Drying time: A superior ski sock really should dry out immediately, no matter whether it is complete of sweat or snow. I usually place my socks close to (but not also close to) the fire to dry. We looked for socks that promised rapid drying occasions.

Two testers sitting by the fire, drying the socks while wearing them.
In the course of testing, we paid interest to how immediately the socks dried right after a day of skiing, each on and off our feet. Photo: Colin Rosemont

Odor handle: It is not uncommon for skiers to put on wool socks for various days with no washing them. That could possibly not be perfect, but you really should absolutely be capable to get various days of put on out of a pair of wool socks with no their smelling horrid. As a result, we looked for socks that promised some sort of odor handle. Wool naturally reduces odors due to the fact of its sweat-wicking properties. Numerous of the synthetic socks we tested boasted precise odor-controlling technologies to make up for their lack of wool.

Value: We located that $25 or beneath is the present sweet spot—you do not need to have to spend additional than that for a superior pair of ski socks. Apart from our price range choose, we located that a sock that is significantly less than $15 is not worth obtaining due to the fact it in all probability is not higher overall performance, which indicates you drop specially made padding, the appropriate height, and wool building.

Warranty: Some of these socks come from brands, like Darn Difficult, that supply a lifetime warranty. When that sort of coverage is not vital for a sock, it is a good perk. We did test a handful of socks with no good warranties, but most of the socks on our list come with strong warranty applications based on the brand, you can have most socks conveniently replaced at tiny to no price to you when they get worn out or broken.


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