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When I was young. all of my shotgun use was with the M870 and the M1100/11-87. Constantly in 12ga. When I was 23 and was operating for Brady ( well-known currently to extended time readers) I walked in 1 morning and Brady had a shotgun apart and was cautiously polishing some internal components and cleaning. I asked what it was and as he was wont to do, he spent the subsequent three hours lecturing me on the finest factory pump action shotgun produced, how it worked and converted me to a correct believer to the 16ga for sporting/hunting use. As soon as the gun as collectively, he handed it to me, told me to point the muzzle straight up and hit the bolt release. I did as he stated and the action slide open on its personal from the weight. The action of the 31 is so slick it pretty much operates itself. You could say this produced an impression on me. Right after that Day I didn’t rest till I was in a position to have my personal. Right after a extended hunt for a 31 in 16guage with a complete choke barrel, Brady himself came via for me. When a relative died and Brady was entrusted with promoting off his gun collection for the widow, Brady came across just want I wanted and known as me up. I have had it given that.

The Remington Model 31 was brought out by Remington to replace the model 17 and a couple of other older models in 1931. Throughout this time it competed with the considerably a lot more nicely recognized, ( well-known) Winchester model 12.

The model 31 suffered from becoming introduce at 1 of the lowest points of the fantastic depression. Undesirable timing for a gun that was a higher high-quality forearms with higher production charges. At the time, the 31 expense $48.95. It is awesome any sold at all in the course of these years.

” Remington discontinued the M31 in 1949 immediately after a total production of 189,243 units of which 21.three % had been in 16-gauge and 16.five % in 20-gauge. Throughout the identical period Winchester developed 588,000 M12s. Interestingly, the M31 pulled inside 12,000 units of annual production versus the Model 12 in the year it was discontinued.

The M31 was discontinued for the identical explanation the Winchester M12 was dropped 14 years later — production expense was as well higher and profit margins as well low. The two guns, which represented the pump-action’s pinnacle of design and style, craftsmanship, function and beauty, had been dropped in favor of a lot more conveniently manufactured and a lot more lucrative styles. Remington’s status as a dark horse was to adjust in 1950 with the introduction of the successor to the M31. The Remington Model 870 would quickly leave Winchester and the M12 in the dust. “– Billy Marable

You can not argue with the achievement of the M870. I doubt there is any other shotgun that has had the numbers developed as the 870. I nonetheless advocate the 870 to individuals wanting to invest in a do anything operating gun. If you have a have to have for a shotgun, the 870 will make a version for you. But it is no Model 31 in craftsmanship, high-quality and smoothness.

The Model 31 is just slick. Slick as snot on the pumphouse door. It is shorter travel and single action bar tends to make it really feel like it does not have to move 1 inch and when it is moving it feels like its on greased ball bearings. ” It has a lighter stroke than Winchester’s M12 or the Remington’s M870, which replaced it. The stroke on the M31 is the shortest of the 3 at three-1/2″ inches compared to three-three/4″ for the M12 and three-7/8″ for the M870. “

My Model 31 in 16 Ga. with two victims

The action of the Model 31 was employed for the basis for the Ithaca Model 37 and the Mossberg 500, Bother more affordable a lot more simplified versions of the 31 action. You can see the family members resemblance to the 500 series when seeking at the bolt of the Model 31. The Mossberg is simplified and more affordable to make. Notable variations are the use of a two-piece bolt with separate locking piece as nicely as a drastically simplified barrel mounting program. Additional, the bolt locks into a barrel extension rather than straight to the receiver. Resemblance aside, neither has the smooth action of the Model 31. If only Remington nonetheless produced them like that…

As you can see mine is nicely worn and employed but nonetheless operates completely. It is honestly the only shotgun I care to use. I am a fan of the Winchester Model 97 and there are a couple right here and there i feel are fine, But for actual use int he woods for hunting, All I want is the Model 31, If you had 1 you’d agree. The 16ga model in distinct. Utilizing the identical receiver as the 20ga, it is quite light and handy. The 26inch barrel is just suitable and its balance is ideal. The 16 ga. provides me practically the identical efficiency of the 12 but with none of the recoil. You can shoot it and carry it all day more than the mountains and not get tired or beat up. If you run across 1 in operating shape I can not advocate it sufficient.


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