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As I described in my preceding post reviewing the Ruger AR-556, this is a top quality and versatile firearm. Although I have enjoyed taking it to the variety and breaking it in, and I could use it for varmint hunting, I strategy on utilizing it mostly as a property defense choice. I like that it is lightweight, very simple for me to maneuver, and with the added optics, it is quick to be precise in close quarters, even in a stressful scenario. 

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I’ve spent sufficient time now with this rifle to be extremely comfy loading the 30-round magazine and discovering the security by touch. I’ve taken the time to turn out to be proficient not only from a shooting bench, but also from a seated position in my wheelchair. I really feel confident that if the have to have ever arose, I would be in a position to correctly defend myself and my property.

Ruger AR-556: A Versatile Home Protection Option
Ruger AR-556 in Tactical Gray

AR Optics

In previous trips to the variety, I shot the AR with open sights ahead of attaching the Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS) BDC 1x34mm. I began at the 25-yard target to accurately dial in my windage. As soon as I was appropriate on and about three inches low, I moved more than to the 100-yard targets. Even although I strategy on using the rifle in close quarters, I wanted to totally recognize what the sight had to supply.

Leupold RDS optic
Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS) BDC 1x34mm

With 7 levels of growing brightness, the sight is excellent for any light situations. I was in a position to obtain my target in seconds, and with just a handful of adjustments, I was dead on at 100-yards. As soon as this sight is zeroed, farther distances can be reached by merely dialing the leading turret to the needed yardage. The bullet drop compensation (BDC) turret is precut for .223, 55-grain ammunition, so I continued to use Hornady Varmint Express 55 grain in .223 Remington. 

Hornady Varmint
Hornady Varmint Express 55 grain .223 Remington

Although the 550-yard target at our variety is a small tricky to see with no magnification, I wanted to give it a attempt. Of course, it was a small windy (it is Wyoming just after all), so I held more than to compensate. I missed the initial two shots, but just after some minor adjustments, I heard the ever-excellent sound of the bullet hitting metal. Gong! Such a sweet noise when you are attempting one thing new on the variety.

Ruger AR-556: A Versatile Home Protection Option Leupold RDS optic

Household Protection Storage

If you, like me, select to use an AR for property protection, your subsequent job should really be to make sure it is safely stored though becoming practical to access. I am contemplating an below-the-bed protected, such as the Hornady 98190 Fast Protected AR Rifle Gunlocker with RFID Touch Totally free Entry. I like that it has various selections for accessing the protected though nonetheless maintaining it safe from my daughter. 

Hornady 98190 Fast Protected AR Rifle Gunlocker

If you are hunting for an precise, effective choice for property defense, the Ruger AR is a excellent option. Its versatility permits you to customize it to meet your desires, and the Leupold RDS optic and Hornady ammo make up the fantastic mixture for me.

Ruger AR-556: A Versatile Home Protection Option Leupold RDS optic
Ashlee with her new property protection unit

For much more facts on the Ruger AR-556, please go to https://ruger.com/goods/ar556/models.html

MSRP Information:

  • Ruger AR-556: $799
  • Leupold Freedom Red Dot Sight (RDS) BDC 1x34mm: $519.99
  • Hornady Varmint Express 55 grain .223 Remington: $16.70/20 cartridges
  • Hornady 98190 Fast Protected AR Rifle Gunlocker with RFID Touch Totally free Entry: $199.99
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