As soon as upon a time a guy by the name of Vinicius carried all this crap on a every day basis.  Yeah, he calls it “My Daily Carry.”  Mainly because absolutely everyone desires (desires?) to carry a scalpel, two TQs, gauze pads, forceps, clamps, an N95 mask in their each day gear.

If he’s an EMT, then he would have significantly of this in his medic bag(s).  But no, he carries all this crap in a pouch on his belt.

My query is normally “Where’s the holster?” or “Don’t you carry a light?”

No, for this guy, I want to know exactly where his Cialis tablets are situated.  Mainly because he may possibly need to have blood flow in extremities.

Then there’s the keyboard, huge-booty computer system monitor and laptop.  And a mouse.  And a pair of toes.

I nevertheless appreciate the GLOCK 25 .380 auto double-stack.  But the rest of this?  It is so far off the reservation, I’m not even going to play make-think.

Any person else carry clamps, Cialis and a spare pair of toes on a every day basis?