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October 28th, 2019

Gun Humor — Wisecracks Heard at the Variety Range Humor joke funny quote

Shooting can be a frustrating sport at instances, prompting shooters to say some funny items in the heat of the moment. Here’s a collection of humorous variety riposts, supplied by Shooters’ Forum members (who are listed soon after every single quote). Delight in. (CLICK Right here for complete Forum Funny Saying Thread).

“I paid to use all of the target and I’m obtaining worth for cash on all of the actual estate!” (Macropod)

“How did I do?” “Well the gun went off and no one got hurt, we can construct on that….” (Mr. Majestic)

“Treat that trigger likes it is your 1st date, not like you have been married to it for 20 years.” (Jet)

“It’s a fantastic factor broad sides of barns are not at a lot of shooting ranges.” (Rocky F.)

“At 65 years of age, 1000-yard benchrest is superior than sex, mainly because a relay lasts 10 minutes!” (The Viper) Range Humor joke funny quote

“If you chase the wind, it will normally win.” (Boltline13)

“It’s not the arrow, it is the Indian.” (Rocky F.)

“It was an .2″ group! Properly, err, except for that flyer….” (Dsandfort, photo by RyanJay11)

“I can not recognize it. That load worked fantastic in my other barrel”. (Hogpatrol)

“You bakin a biscuit?” Mentioned to me as I was sitting at the bench prepared to shoot with a cartridge in the chamber of a hot gun, taking longer than required. (Ebb)

“Shooting groups is straightforward. Just place the final 3 involving the 1st two.” (Uthink) Range Humor joke funny quote

“There is no Alibi for Stupid” (Observed at Berger SWN — Erik Cortina)

Shooter 1: “Hey you cross-fired on my target!” Shooter two: “Well you cross-fired on mine 1st.”
Shooter 1: “Yeah but you could have at least shot an X like I did on yours.” (At Raton — Rocky F.)

“I had a bughole going and my second shot dropped straight down!” (JDMock)

“The nut came loose on the finish of my stock.” (TXDan)

Quoting James Crofts: “That’s a quite eight.” (REastman)

“I virtually shot a record.” (Jay Christopherson)

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