Guns You Had Hopes For But… ⋆


I saw this query on a single of the gun forums earlier and believed it was an exciting subject. We manage and have tested a lot of guns. A LOT. Some of them I had higher hopes for, or at least I wasn’t skeptical about, when going in but turned out to be significantly less than impressive or down proper awful.


instance above, The KRISS. Is it junk? No. Is it enjoyable to play with a small ? Yeah it is enjoyable to plink with for about 10 minutes. It functions fine but I discovered the hype about it to be more than blown by a element of 10. You can discover the assessment for it on the web-site in the archives.

The SCAR -L. It is just OK. It does absolutely nothing much better than the M4 in any way. It is meh-ness did have a single advantage. Later when I went to test the SCAR-H, I was shocked by how substantially I liked it. The H is the a single to invest in.

The H&ampK 417. Image above says it all.

The PTR-91 is substantially hyped on the web. Listen. It is not that fantastic. The accuracy is negative sufficient it would make me enraged if I had truly had to spend for the gun. Save your revenue unless you are just a single of these guys.

I’m not even going to bother saying something about this a single.

Ergonomics on this pistol really feel fantastic. Nearly as very good as a M1911. But it does not genuinely out do the glock. Hey what can I say?

The Galil., Speak about anything I wanted to like. It appears like it would be amazing. It is quite cool. No doubt. But genuinely it is just a massive heavy as hell AK. Nevertheless quite cool but not something close to what some individuals hype it as.

Now, up front this is not a gun that I ever cared about. I assume it was absurd from the moment I study about the XM8. But I did want to verify it out anyway. I was impressed by what a wonderful make this is. Otherwise it is just an additional five.56mm carbine that does totally much better than a M4 except appear like it could be in the classic 1980s film ALIENS with Hicks employing it to shoot Xenomorphs in their face .

I could comply with up with a aspect two later this week just on handguns. Please do let us know what guns you had massive hopes for but then let you down as soon as you had them in your hand.


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