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We have previously covered the Infitech Ruger Computer Carbine Aimpoint Micro Mount and other accessories, but it was now time to place them on an actual rifle.

I most likely have spent a lot more time upgrading and evolving my Ruger Computer Carbine (hunting version) than shooting it, but that was going to alter as quickly as I got one particular of my Aimpoint H1s or H2s on.

As I was fairly eager to mount these upgrades please excuse the reduce-than-standard high quality of the photos.

Here’s how I began out. Yep, the Swarovski Z6i 1-6×24 in the Spuhr mount is a bit of an overkill for the 9mm Ruger but it was rather good to have.

The purpose why we’re moving the sight from the receiver and all its good Picatinny to the barrel side is that there are claims that there is a point of shift as you take the barrel off and back once more.

I have no concept if this claim is accurate or not, but it tends to make a lot of sense in the planet of mechanics.

Very first I removed the charging manage (this is not the original Ruger charging manage, but an additional upgrade).

Comparing the Infitech Extended Charging Deal with. The smaller sized one particular is a MIDWEST INDUSTRIES, INC. PC9 BOLT Deal with which I got from Brownells.

For the record, I also have the MIDWEST INDUSTRIES, INC. PC9 QD STOCK PLATE and the MIDWEST INDUSTRIES, INC. RUGER® PC9 CARBINE M-LOK ADAPTOR on my Ruger, all from Brownells.

Beneath is a comparison amongst the original magazine release and the Infitech Enlarged Magazine Release. As you can see there is a enormous distinction each in size and how the Infitech model protrudes.

This might not be to everyone’s liking, but I consider it was an improvement.

The set up was super simple. In some circumstances, with the charging manage, Infitech supplies new screws otherwise just use the old ones currently on your rifle. Just try to remember to use Loctite on the threads as soon as you are prepared, to steer clear of disappointments at a later stage.

It is now achievable to press the magazine release with the palm of your hand. I didn’t uncover any alter having the magazines out amongst this and the original version, but it is also based on how tough you tighten the screw.

“Open Your Eyes” patch by Aimpoint. I have to say I choose the “If it is RED it’s DEAD” version we did as Photo Of The Day just before.

Beneath – Gorilla grip, Ruger Computer Carbine Aimpoint Micro mount and the original sight in pieces.

Beneath you can see the 3 holes as soon as the stock sight has been removed. You use the outer ones to mount the Infitech mount. Once again, use Loctite.

All of the screw holes on the Ruger had been filled with oil. You may want to clean that and use Loctite or equivalent thread locker to maintain anything in location.

Beneath you can see how I initially placed the mount, then Infitech told me it is supposed to go the other way about. Nonetheless, you could in fact use it either way it is just up to you how close or far away you want the Aimpoint to be.

Beneath: The Ruger taken down, with the Infitech mount now on the barrel-finish.

As you can see, there is not considerably space amongst the mount and the receiver. Nonetheless, there are no clearance concerns, and it is achievable to take-down and place it with each other with out concerns.

Pretty sleek style.

And with the Infitech handguard (not tested).

You can use a raiser if you want, to get the Aimpoint greater.

Beneath you can see a description of the Infitech goods, with costs and a lot more specialist pictures than the ones I managed to arrange.

Price tag: $ 81.89

Solution Description:

Low profile mount for attaching an Aimpoint Micro or equivalent red dot sights* to the barrel of you Ruger Computer Carbine.

Replaces the rear sight applying the factory mounting screws.

Does not interfere with the takedown function and guarantees the sight stays zeroed to the barrel.

Machined from a billet of 6061-T6 aluminium, anodized matte black.

Contains screws for attaching red dot.

Sight not incorporated.

*Fits most sights applying the exact same mounting interface as the Aimpoint Micro

Note: Due to the pretty low profile of this mount, it does not match with the Midwest Industries handguard with out modification.

Note: The incorporated mounting screws need to be applied in order to supply adequate clearence amongst the mount and the receiver.

Price tag: $ 40.69

Solution Description:

Extended charging manage for the Ruger Computer Carbine with heavy knurling for better grip.

The bigger and textured surface aids with enhancing reload occasions.

Machined from steel and oxidized black.

Mounting screw incorporated, enabling the possibility to use of dual charging handles.

$ 40.69

Solution Description:

Enlarged magazine release for the Ruger Computer Carbine.

The bigger surface region of the magazine release button aids with more quickly reloads.

Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminium and anodized black with laser engraved logo.

Makes use of the original mounting screw.

For reference, immediately after this test was completed Infitech released the Gen two. It may interest as couple of readers as an option.

Ruger Computer Carbine Extended Magazine Release Gen2 – $ 55.89

Just as I was completed with this critique, I took delivery of the Infitech IMB9 Muzzle Brake, which you can see under.  It is machined from 4140 steel and completed with Cerakote Armor Black, and comes with 1/two-28″ threads and a crush washer. I am going to attempt it as quickly as I get a opportunity.


All of these upgrades from Infitech operate as advertised. They are pretty simple to set up.  I can not discover something to complain about in terms of the components, CNC operate, surface finishing or high quality of the components.

An additional plus for the Aimpoint Micro mount which accompanies the style of the rifle pretty properly.

If you are in require of the added functionality or just want to upgrade as component of your hobby is up to you definitely, and only you can judge if you consider the price tag is worth it.

I have no scientific proof that the Ruger Computer Carbine will not hold its zero if you have the sight on the receiver. It is just typical sense (to me) that if you take the barrel on and off there may be modifications in the zero, and with this resolution, you do not have to be concerned about this.

Beneath: This tends to make mechanical sense. What do you consider?

The Aimpoint Micro comes pretty low unless you use a raiser (not supplied). What is greatest for you all depends on how your physique is constructed and which stock you are applying.

I have only observed the Gen2 magazine release on photos, and by the appears of it, it would be my decision more than the one particular tested.

Please verify when we Chronographed 12 distinctive cartridges in the Non-Restricted 18″ Ruger PCC.

I asked if Infitech is taking into consideration building a mount for the Aimpoint ACRO, but it is unlikely. Otherwise, it could match the take-down style firearm that the Computer Carbine is, with its reduce profile.

For the record Infitech supplied these components cost-free of charge.

Let us know in the comments under. Do you have a issue to maintain the zero with your Ruger Computer Carbine?

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