Intermediate & Sophisticated Children Applications


When youngsters turn out to be capable skiers or snowboarders, the
mastering course of action does not have to have to finish. These applications will enable youngsters take their
snow sliding to the subsequent level!

  • 49° North Mountain Resort: Discovery Club Trailblazers, ages 7-13 (ski or snowboard) 49° North Alpine Ski Group.
  • Lookout Pass Ski &amp Recreation Region: Private sophisticated lessons for skiers or snowboarders Lookout Pass Ski Race Group.
  • Mt. Spokane Ski &amp Snowboard Park: Children Club for skiers and snowboarders, ages 7-15 (six-week sessions and three-day vacation camps) Cadet Plan, ages 13-17, volunteer in depth education system for Mountain Sports College that prepares students to pass a Level 1 instructor certification Mt. Spokane Ski Racing Group.
  • Silver Mountain Resort: Silver Children, ages 7-12 (have to make reservations for intermediate and sophisticated class packages for two+ students) ALL Mountain Children Club, ski or snowboard eight-week system, ages 7-13 Silver Mountain Alpine Race Group. (AM)


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