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1 of the CMP&#8217s most preferred competitions is the M1 Carbine Match. The small carbines are straightforward to hold and straightforward to shoot, with comparatively low recoil compared to an M1 Garand or M1903 shooting the complete-energy .30-06 cartridge. Regrettably, genuine GI-situation M1 Carbines are now tough to come across at very affordable rates. The CMP has announced: &#8220CMP&#8217S Carbine Inventory has been exhausted and we do not count on to acquire any more shipments.&#8221 Genuine, &#8220all-original&#8221 M1 Carbines are going for $1500 to $1800.00 these days on Gunbroker.com.

CMP M1 Carbine Matches &#8212 Developing in Reputation
The CMP M1 Carbine Match is portion of the CMP Games system that currently involves Garand, Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle Matches. “As-issued” U. S. Military M1 Carbines are fired more than a 45-shot course of fire at 100 yards on either the old military &#8220A&#8221 target or the &#8220SR&#8221 target. The course involves five sighters and 10 shots for record prone slow fire in 15 minutes, a 10-shot speedy fire prone series in 60 seconds, a 10-shot speedy fire sitting series in 60 seconds and 10 shots slow fire standing in 10 minutes.

CMP M-1 carbine games

CMP M1 Carbine Match at Western CMP Games
CMP M-1 Rimfire Carbine Citadel

New Production M1 Carbines

auto ordnance M1

Fortunately, you don&#8217t require to supply a genuine WWII-era M1 to appreciate CMP M1 Matches. You can now get a brand new, American-produced M1 Carbine clone for HALF the cost of old CMP rifle. Brownells is now providing American-produced Auto Ordnance brand .30-Caliber M1 Carbines that appear, really feel, and shoot just like the originals, for a lot significantly less income. There are two versions:

    M1 Carbine 1944 original design and style with out bayonet lug &#8212 $770.99

    M1A1 Carbine Paratrooper design and style with folding heavy wire buttstock, no bayonet lug &#8212 $861.99

A different producer of M1 Carbine replica rifles is Inland Manufacturing, a contemporary organization which shares the name of a major WWII M1 Carbine maker. These produced-in-the-USA, newly manufactured M1 Carbines are really genuine copies of the original carbines from the Globe War II era. With a $1139.00 beginning MSRP, they function genuine 1944-kind adjustable sights, push button security, round bolt, “low wood” walnut stock, and a 10–round or 15-round magazine. There are 3 (three) versions: M1 1944 style, M1 1945 style, and M1A1 Paratrooper model.

CMP M-1 Rimfire Carbine Citadel

CMP M-1 Rimfire Carbine Citadel

GunsAmerica.com report compares new Inland M1 Carbines side-by-side with original vintage M1 Carbines: &#8220We had to get in close to inform the distinction. All round, the two examples we had been capable to deal with looked wonderful and held up when subsequent to the originals. The stampings are even close to right with a couple of minor variations that had been selected to cease the new Inlands from getting mistaken for originals. Take a appear at the pictures and see for oneself.&#8221 Study M1 Carbine Evaluation.

CMP M-1 Rimfire Carbine Citadel


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