Minecraft 1.eight Update: New Mobs, Farming & Survival! “NEWS & Neighborhood”


Minecraft 1.8 Update: New Mobs, Farming & Survival! “NEWS & Community”

Minecraft 1.eight Update: New Mobs, Farming &amp Survival! “NEWS &amp Community”
DinnerBone just released two reddit pages filled with tons of answers of issues to come in 1.eight as effectively as Jeb who just released information currently that he will be adding the Bouncy Block! as effectively as granite &amp other stone variants! And he will be updating the enchanting method to minecraft 1.eight and that the very first releases of snapshots for 1.eight will be out this month January! Jeb also produced it public on twitter that they will be adding Locking to minecraft chests in minecraft 1.eight as effectively as crafting doors will now give you three doors alternatively of just 1! Retain tuning in for the most recent minecraft 1.eight update news!
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