New Jersey Moms Demand Action Gun Demonstration Professional Breaks Laws in Two States


Moms Demand Action lately held a Firearms 101 Presentation in the wonderful state of New Jersey. The New Jersey Second Amendment Society helpfully documented some fascinating apparent law violations that the Moms’ firearms professional committed for the duration of the educational occasion.

It is just about as if guest speaker Scott Pappalardo desires to go to prison for the rest of his life. Let me count the strategies.

I appreciate incarceration adequate to have an unlawful “assault weapon” in the state of New York.

(Supply: NJ2AS applied with permission)

And I’ll reduce it down shorter than Clyde Barrow’s SBR BAR, for some federal time, as well. For the young children. 

(Supply: NJ2AS applied with permission)

Since absolutely everyone desires an illegal quick-barrel rifle and I suspect he didn’t file the necessary paperwork in advance. But Clyde’s BAR was, at least, nevertheless completely functional, in contrast to Pappalardo’s newly-smithed weapon of war.

Alas, prison failed to embrace me, so I need to prove my appreciate once more, this time in New Jersey. I appreciate prison time so substantially, I’ll take 3 counts of possession of a higher capacity magazine.

(Supply: NJ2AS applied with permission)

And two illegal 80% lowers!

(Supply: NJ2AS applied with permission)

Sweet prison, take me! I even brought an illegal “dagger or dirk.”

(Supply: NJ2AS applied with permission)

In spite of not becoming a well-known NBC plan host waving a higher capacity magazine about in Washington, DC, Pappalardo’s passion for prison remains unrequited. Denying his ideal efforts at obtaining himself arrested, the ATF, New York State Police, and New Jersey have failed to indulge his lust for the lockup.

You may get the impression that the law is not intended for them. In addition to, that is distinctive for the reason that shut up.

Probably our lovelorn loser has a single additional shot at prison romance, along with the MDA New Jersey organizers. If the Moms did any fundraising for the duration of their tiny How To Break ALL The Laws 101 get-collectively, they may possibly have just created themselves criminally liable by qualifying as a firearms trafficking network.

For a complete accounting of all the laws that have been apparently broken in the generating of the Moms Demand Action educational occasion, see the New Jersey Second Amendment Society’s complete coverage right here.



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