Prepper Terminology Survival Terms & Definitions Commence with Letters D,E & F


Prepper Terminology Survival Terms & Definitions Start with Letters D,E & F

The video is really only about six minutes extended, I left added space at the finish to add in additions that persons recommend in the comments at a future date.
This is a video beginning with the phrases, terms and sayings that are typically utilised when discussing prepping, survival, military and other scenarios such as SHTF or WROL. This is all in entertaining.

Only the Terms and Acronyms that commence with the letter “D, E or F” are featured in this video. Every single video in this series will be broken down and placed in alphabetical order by the initial letter of it.

I am certain I have not covered just about every single 1 that has been coined, but I attempt to gt the ones that I know for certain.
So please, if you have any additions to add to the list, then leave them in the comments beneath and I will update the video just about every so usually. Thanks for watching.

The Apocalypse will adjust anything. If we Survive the Initial Event…What Occurs? That is what this series is all about…It’s about what comes subsequent, it is about the Extended Term. Living, rather of merely Surviving…

The objective of this video is to aid these who are attempting to understand all of the distinctive elements. Assisting to just get familiar with the terminology.

The Subjects to be discussed in the upcoming videos are:

Ambush &amp Counter Ambush
Fundamental Combat
Sniper &amp counter Sniper Strategies &amp Techniques
Sophisticated Combat Strategies &amp Techniques
Watches &amp Posts
Communications &amp Electronics
Rebuilding Electronic Devices &amp Comparable
Transportation – A variety of Techniques
Electrical energy &amp Energy – How to
Major lines of defense
Secondary lines of defense
Egress &amp Evac Routes
Meals &amp Water Elements
Hand Held Weapons Combat
Self Defense, featuring videos on hand to hand, close quarters, mid
Variety and extended variety combat.
Weapons &amp Ammo Reloading possibilities
Physical &amp Mental Challenges
Education just before the occasion.
and Numerous Other Subjects.

The aim is to have a library of techniques in this series, after it is comprehensive.
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For far more on Nuclear Explosions, Such as how to Survive in the aftermath verify out the following videos:
Nuclear War:

Nuclear Effects:

Survival Gear for Nuclear Events:

Thanks for watching. Take what you can and leave the rest.
Thanks, Significant Survivor.

SHTF: Defense &amp Techniques Series Little Groups – Booby Traps – Ambush – Pt two
All footage utilised shot by Significant Survivor from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina. Stock Footage and photographs from Videoblocks, Storyblocks, Adobe Stock, Bigstock and US Archives. Sound and Audio Stock from YouTube stock and Audioblocks. All other footage, image and audio utilised below Fair Rights Act &amp Laws.


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