Rudy Project gives lightweight eye protection for runners


Rudy Project provides lightweight eye protection for runners

Is there a pair of sunglasses you constantly grab when you head out on a run? As that is normally the case, it is significant to have that pair that gives all the things you want in overall performance eyewear. The Rudy Project Propulse, released in early September 2019, was made soon after consulting with expert runners. Immediately after testing them myself this fall, I’ve confirmed theses sunglasses to be a fantastic ultralight choice that stays place on your face, and they’ve certainly turn out to be the sunglasses I grab just about every time ahead of hitting the trails.

Weighing just 26 grams, soon after a minute of wearing the Propulse I do not even really feel them. What’s particularly distinctive is how they featherlight sunglasses do not move about when you run. The Propulse delivers a great and all-natural compression match with out any annoying stress on the head. They keep steady with proprietary Hi-Grip integrated temple recommendations and also function massive vents on each front frames, on the temples and on the bottom of every single lens to protect against fogging. The lenses are wide so the vents are not inside the wearer’s vision and the eyes keep protected from sun and wind.

The Pacific Blue Matte frame comes with ImpactX-two photochromatic lenses that transition from clear to red as light adjustments. This version is the most high priced at $174.99, but the comfort of not getting to adjust lenses is best when they are your go-to operating sunglasses. $124.99 to $174.99. Purchase now.


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