The Micro Roni Gen four – From Glock to PDW


The Micro Roni Gen 4 Turns a Glock into a PDW.

By now we’ve all noticed and are familiar with the Micro Roni systems. These Israeli made and made kits have been about for pretty some time. The thought is uncomplicated. The Micro Roni’s convert your regular handgun to an SMG sized package. With the rise of pistol stabilizing braces, these kits have come to be even additional well known. The newest Micro Roni Gen four model comes equipped with a stabilizing brace. The stabilizing brace models are predictably substantially additional well known than the models requiring you to register your weapon as an SBR. Due to reader demand, we got our hands on one particular to test and evaluation.

…and he known as it Micro Roni…..

The Roni kits made use of to be pretty pricey, but have noticed a steep decline in cost. At this point, a Glock and Roni kit will expense almost suitable about the very same as larger-finish PCCs. The Gen four models have a quantity of new characteristics, which includes:

  • Captive Charging Manage – The charging deal with is no longer removable and as a result it cannot be misplaced.
  • A bigger ejection port. This is a requirement to assure the gun and program is reputable.
  • The capacity to attain in and use the pistol’s slide cease.
  • A triangular barrel shroud that is adjustable. This permits the Roni Gen four to operate with each Glock 17/22 models and 19/23 models.
Micro Roni Gen 4

The Micro Roni turns your Glock into a PDW.

Micro Roni Gen four Capabilities — Up Close

The Micro Roni Gen four keeps the Stabilizing brace design and style that also folds to the suitable. Along the prime, we have a complete-length optics rail, of which I’ve taken benefit of. On the sides, we also have some little sections of rail to accommodate your favored flashlights, lasers, and so on. At the rear of the unit is a QD port for a sling. The front of the weapon has an angled grip and a handguard to hold your hand from slipping in front of the barrel. Lastly, there is a hinging device that acts as a trigger block. This security is a bit of a necessity considering that you can safely holster this device. It is good to have a thing in between the trigger and the planet when operating it slung, specifically if you ever program to let it hang.

Micro Roni Gen 4 Features - up close.

Micro Roni Gen four characteristics: stabilizing brace, optics rail, side accessory rails, QD sling port angled grip and handguard, and security.

Straightforward Peasy Glock Installation

Installation is extremely uncomplicated. At the rear is a button, press it in, and this will unlock the rear hinging door. After opened you pull the charging deal with to the rear and press the Glock into the charging deal with. It really should align with the serrations of the Glock slide. After it is locked in, you press the Glock forward exactly where it locks into the Glock’s rail program. Close the door, push it forward, and lock it into spot. That is it.

Ergonomics and Controls

You are nevertheless stuck with your Glock grip angle, but you can attain forward and locate additional help with the extremely comfy angled forward grip. This angled grip tends to make it uncomplicated to engage any of the accessories you have mounted to the accessory rails.

The magazine and slide release are all Glock—nothing alterations in regards to reaching and using them. The security is swift and uncomplicated to attain and is uncomplicated to engage with the trigger finger on either side. At the rear, we have an ambidextrous charging deal with that is extremely uncomplicated to attain and make use of. The charging deal with does reciprocate, but the handles on the side are little and positioned far sufficient away from you to in no way strike you though cycling.

The Micro Roni Gen 4 turns a Glock into a PDW.

This is how a Glock turns into a PDW.

The length of the brace is brief, as it really should be considering that it is made to wrap about your forearm. In that capacity, it is the best length for most shooters. If you had been to say, misuse the brace and spot it against your shoulder, you may well locate it a small brief. Legally you can do such a factor, but you also may well locate it to be rubbery and that it appears to flex a bit when shooting. Firing with the brace folded is not achievable. When totally folded the brace covers the trigger and trigger guard.

Micro Roni Gen 4 with brace folded.

When the brace is folded it covers the trigger guard.

General, the Micro Roni is effectively carried out, and it melds extremely effectively with the Glock.

On the Range—Micro Roni PDW Functionality

On the range with the Micro Roni Gen 4

Controlling the weapon is substantially less difficult, thanks to the Micro Roni.

Far better PDW Handle and Accuracy

As you can consider, the Micro Roni kit tends to make the weapon substantially less difficult to manage. The added brace, weight, and the capacity to hold the weapon with a forward grip all make the weapon less difficult to manage. You can swiftly and accurately transition in between targets and score good hits with small work.

You can also back up a bit, and by a bit, I imply substantially additional than I could with my stock Glock. Add in the red dot optic and I was dropping rounds frequently at fifty yards into a man-sized target. Accuracy is as excellent as it gets for a Glock in a chassis program. It is not as correct as a committed PCC like a Scorpion or MPX, but correct sufficient.

Speedy Fire

PDW rapid fire with Micro Roni Gen 4

As a PDW, speedy-fire with the Roni is uncomplicated to manage.

Speedy-fire is also extremely uncomplicated to manage and a ton of entertaining. I pulled the trigger as quickly as I possibly could and kept the rounds extremely close collectively. I could in no way hold this group with just a handgun firing as quickly as I was.


I could in no way hold this group with just a handgun firing as quickly as I was.

Rewards and Challenges

Retain Your Glock Upgrades.

1 of the advantages of applying this program more than applying a PCC is you can hold all of your committed Glock upgrades. Like triggers, extended slide stops magazine releases, and so on. It is probably substantially less difficult to transition in between your Glock to your Roni equipped Glock than from Glock to PCC.

Red Dot Challenges

My greatest challenge was zeroing the red dot. It sits a bit higher more than the bore and was shooting way higher, so I had to drag it down pretty a bit to lastly get on target. What would probably operate superior is a micro red dot, like a Trijicon RMR. On the other hand, this worked when it was zeroed.

Now, Lets Definitely Turn it into a PDW

Kits like this are the purpose I personal a 50 round drum for my Glock, as effectively as tons of extendos. They merely balance superior in the Glock with the Roni kit. Specially the drum which provides a weird recoil impulse when slapped in a pistol.

Pike's choice - add a 50-round drum magazine to the Micro Roni!

Pike’s selection – add a 50-round drum magazine to the Micro Roni. It appears like a cute puppy.


Travis Pike shooting the Micro Roni Gen 4 with a 50-round drum magazine.

50-round drum…Cause ‘Murica

Is the Micro Roni Gen four Worth It?

The Roni Gen four kits with braces are going for significantly less than 300 bucks on typical and that is not a terrible cost at all. Compared with the typical Glock cost, you can be into one particular of these kits for about 750 to 800 bucks—depending on your Glock’s generation and characteristics. These systems will not operate with a Polymer 80 Glock so be effectively conscious of that. The Roni Kits also come in SBR variants with a couple of distinct characteristics and most can be located right here. 


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