Knives And Books! | Bushcraft USA Forums

[ad_1] Appreciate it! I have way far more books than knives even though. When I discovered my fantastic ones the other individuals gradually went away. Soooo…. My orange scales Victorinox […]

Wood burning stoves | Bushcraft USA Forums

[ad_1] I am employing a Vermont Castings Resolute proper now. Heats pretty effectively, but has no ash pan, which sucks. I had been employing a Lopi, can not bear in […]

Hunting pics 2019/20 | Bushcraft USA Forums

[ad_1] Have been going grouse and snowshoe hare hunting due to the fact grouse season began on Sept 1st. Some huge Blue Grouse taken with S&ampW mod 15, ordinarily hunt […]

Wool blanket for survival/camping | Survival Monkey Forums

[ad_1] Thread TOTM-September 2019 Survival Transportation Survival Transportation… I have run several scenarios with this one issue always being, well; an issue. First, cars, trucks, ATVs and all… Thread Budget […]

the 8th 1-Knife Challenge | Bushcraft USA Forums

[ad_1] ​ For these of you who might be new to the OKC:This challenge is developed to encourage challengers to create expertise and practical experience in knife handling and sharpening, […]